Friendly Word Search Puzzles App Reviews

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Im sorry. It does not allow backward and first and last letter highlighting, but maybe those features could be added. Its still worth playing for the colors and learning new weird words.

I love the colors

And the words to find are challenging.

One of my favorite word games

The words are challenging, the colors are impressive, &, in my opinion, this is one of my better games.


I dont think I like this game because Ive played two games and the words are not real number one, number two, I could not find all of the words for the second game.

Friendly word search puzzles

This was a quick and fun way to play word search. The colors were fun. My Grandkids will love it even more than I do. Thanks

Great games

Enjoy the challenge only problem is printed words too small.


Fun, somewhat challenging but words are not real, still entertaining

Pretty good, pretty colors

The only part I really didnt like was that they had created all of these fake words, and then there real words in the puzzle, got super frustrated.... But thats okay. It was really colorific!

Friendly? NOT!!

Where did they come up with these so-called friendly words? Some advanced crossword dictionary? Deleted!!

The bad side

The words are to close together and small but besides that its awesome

Need magnifier

Words are too small to see!!!

Fun game easy game

I love this game it is really easy thank you


This is the worst puzzle I gave ever tried to do The word list is impossible to see, it way too small.i cant understand the words. I dont like it Im delete it sorry!

Keeps Your Mind Working

These search a word puzzles keep your mind and eyes working! It is challenging and worth the effort! Gabby69


I love the colors, however the words are made up and very small. Hard to made out the letters in the words cuz they are way too small.

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